Recreational Programs

Phoenix Gymnastics offers recreation programs for all ages and abilities throughout the year.  

All participants are required to be members of the Alberta Gymnastics Federation (AGF) to attend lessons ($59 + tax/participant).  The mandatory, non-refundable individual participant membership is valid July 1 to June 30 of each year. The recreation membership includes AGF fees, participant insurance, & administration fees.  It is a FLAT rate and is NOT eligible for proration.

Special!! Members receive discounts on Birthday Parties and other events throughout the calendar year!

Register Every 2 Months!!

Continue learning all year long. Classes are offered one time per week Monday through Saturday for all ages 2yrs+.  Participants are welcome to register for more than one class to enhance the learning experience.
Each session is registered by first-come-first-served, so make sure you register early to reserve your spot!

Session 1 (September/October) - Registration opens July 15

Session 2 (November/December) - Registration opens October 1 

Session 3 (January/February) - Registration opens December 1

Session 4 (March/April) - Registration opens in February 1

Session 5 (May/June) - Registration opens April 1

*** Priority registration available for registered participants - all current members in a session will be able to register BEFORE registration is open to the public! Check your email for the "Priority Registration" link.

Summer MICRO (8 Lesson) Session:

Get 8 classes in 4 weeks! Our MICRO session offers the same quality experience as our full length session, but half the time!  This program is offered Tuesdays & Thursdays only.

Registration opens in April

First Day of Activity Reminders:

  • Wait outside facility until 5 minutes prior to activity start time. 

  • DO NOT ENTER if you are feeling unwell!!

  • Place shoes, & personal belongings in a bin in a cubby in the front lobby.

  • Wait for the coach along the white fence. The Coach will guide participants into the gym at the start of class. If you are a few minutes late, no worries, find your group and join right in (warm-up areas are typically either right in the front as you walk in or on the big grey floor in the back)! NOTE: Multiple classes may warm-up at the same time.  DO NOT PLAY IN THE GYM BEFORE CLASS.

  • After warm-up, Coaches will call their class participants by name and rotate with their smaller group on 2 or more apparatus (class length dependent), then finish with a cool down activity.  Participants are only allowed in the gymnastics area under direct coach supervision - No 'Free play' allowed. Children not participating in the registered class are NOT ALLOWED in the gymnastics area.

  • Our viewing area has a LIMITED capacity. Please keep viewing to MAX 1 caregiver/participant. Respecting the limit provides all caregivers an equal opportunity for viewing.

  • Reminder for all unparented classes: Please limit interactions with your child during class, if the coach requires your assistance they will come ask.  Caregivers in the PARENTED Supers & Sidekicks class, please come dressed in activewear ready to move!

  • To ensure the safety of all participants, please arrive a few minutes early for pick-up. Phoenix staff will assist the participants in finding their pick-up person. Participants will be directed to wait inside on the front bleachers if the pick-up person is delayed. 

  • NOTE: Phoenix Gymnastics does NOT offer make-up classes.  

 Appropriate fitted athletic wear is required for all classes:

  • No snaps or buckles on pants, ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS OF ANY KIND.

  • Shirts/gym suits MUST be worn, no half-tops showing the belly please.

  • Long hair tied back away from the face.

  • No jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, body piercings - please tape if not removed - small stud earrings do not need to be taped).

  • Socks, bare feet, or gymnastics slippers are accepted. Please tape/cover all skin infections appropriately.

  • Please provide any personal care items for your child such as tissue, band-aids, extra hair elastics and gymnastics chalk (if appropriate). 

  • Please ensure your child brings clearly labelled water bottle - only our water bottle refill station is open for use. 

CLASS EXPECTATIONS (please review prior to attending class):

1) Do Gymnastics Safely! (land on your feet - give space for your friends - take turns, keep your hands to yourself, stay with your coach).

2) Listen to the Coach (they know how to keep you safe and teach you awesome tricks. The faster you listen, the more you will learn).

3) Always try your BEST!! (your coach can teach you more when you are trying your best every turn).


Phoenix accepts funding for our registered programs!  All requests must be received no later than 3 weeks prior to the program start date. A list of our rules & procedures regarding funded registrations (ie. KidSport & Jumpstart) is available here