What is kids night out? CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Next time you are planning a night out on the town consider the Phoenix Gymnastics Centre as a FUN and exciting alternative to hiring a babysitter! Your children will have a blast playing on the equipment and interacting with others while they are being supervised by NCCP certified gymnastics coaches. The child to supervisor rate will be no greater than 8:1 !

When is it?

There are no current offerings.

6:30 pm - 10:00 pm on scheduled Saturday nights.

There is a minimum of 8 kids required to attend in order to operate a KNO. If we have not reached this number you will be contacted by the Thursday prior.

Who can come?

Kids Night Out is open to all children 4 years and older. There is no need to be a member to attend.

Since we need to be sure we have enough supervision, registration & payment are required in advance. 

Come stop by the desk, or give us a call at 780-438-0586 to book your spot!

how much does it cost?

Phoenix Members:

1 child        - $20.00

2 children* - $35.00

3 children* - $50.00       

4 children* - $60.00


1 child        - $25.00

2 children* - $45.00

3 children* - $65.00

4 children* - $75.00

*Please note that all children must be from the same family to qualify for the discounted rate.