Does Phoenix Gymnastics accept funding for programs?

All participants looking to use funding from an organization like KidSport or Jumpstart are required to have their registration completed and funding application sent in at least 3 weeks prior to the program start date. 

Our funding deadlines for upcoming sessions are as follows:

  • Session #1 (Sept/Oct) - End of the first week of August
  • Session #2 (Nov/Dec) - End of the first week of October
  • Session #3 (Jan/Feb) - End of the first week of December
  • Session #4 (Mar/Apr) - End of the first week of February
  • Session #5 (May/June) - End of the first week of April
  • Summer MICRO Session (July) - End of the first week of June
  • Summer MICRO Session (August) - End of the first week of July
  • Camps (Winter, Spring or Summer) - 3 weeks prior to the Camp week attending

Are you interested in more information about KidSport or Jumpstart? You can visit their pages by clicking on the logos below. For any questions regarding their application process or procedures please contact the organization directly. 

How Do i register if I want to use funding?

1. Register in person for your desired program a minimum of 3 weeks before the program start date. At that time please let us know that you are applying for funding through Jumpstart or KidSport so we can place your child in the requested class and create an invoice you can provide to your funding organization of choice. 

2. Submit your application to Jumpstart or KidSport as per their procedures. Once your application is approved please contact us to provide your funding approval number for our records - this is how we match the funding received with the proper participant. 

3. Once Phoenix receives your funding you will be notified by email that we have received it and the funding will be added to your Uplifter account. At this time if there is an outstanding balance due you will be advised of the amount owing. All balances owing after funding has been applied are the responsibility of the Account Owner. 

Please note:

  • Account balances must be cleared by class 4 of any session. If a balance still exists the participant will be unable to attend class until payment has been received. 

  • Classes missed will not be credited or made up in any session. 

  • Funds received after the deadline may be held for the next session of classes as a credit or can be sent back to the funding organization.

  • Phoenix Gymnastics will not apply credits retroactively.