What is OPEN GYM? 

Open Gym is a great time to come out and work on your favorite skills or to try something new. 

This is a non-coached, but supervised time where you or your child are in charge of where you go and what you do!  It's a fantastic way to add extra practice on the gymnastics equipment used in class at an affordable rate.

Please note: Trampoline use is LIMITED during Open Gym

Summer Open Gym Schedule: 

The Stunt Garage (Enter through the TSG door at the back) Open Gym 

Thursdays from 7:30 - 8:50 PM - Teens & Adults ONLY

$12.00 NON-MEMBERS; $7 for current members

***Only floor space is available***

September - June (CLOSED July & August)

COST: Daytime - $12.00 NON-MEMBERS; $7 for current members 

  • Monday  12:00pm - 1:20pm (CLOSED on Statutory Holidays - CLOSED July & August)
  • Tuesday  2:30pm - 3:50 pm (CLOSED July & August)

COST: Evening - $12.00 NON-MEMBERS; $7 for current members

  • Friday  7:30pm – 8:50 pm (CLOSED on Statutory Holidays - CLOSED July & August)                                                

* Those under 8 yrs of age must have an adult supervisor on the floor with them at all times. 

*Phoenix Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel Open Gym for any reason (check for cancellations on Social Media).  

Open Gym is CLOSED July & August.  Click here to check out what other programs we have to offer over the summer!

Appropriate dress is required for Open Gym:

  • Athletic Attire required (No snaps or buckles on pants; no half-tops please; avoid loose clothing; no hats please).


  • Long hair tied back at all times.

  • No jewelry (rings, watches, earrings, necklaces; piercings that cannot be removed must be taped )

  • Bare feet or socks