Competitive Programs 

About our COMPETITIVE programs:

Phoenix Gymnastics has competitive programming in both Women's Artistic Gymnastics(WAG) as well as Trampoline & Tumbling (T&T). We offer developmental (WAG/TG), Xcel, provincial and national stream competitive programs in both disciplines.

Competitive programs are by tryout only. Open tryouts are offered in the Spring.

Try-Out Date For 2024/2025: May 11, 2024 @ 4:00 PM 

Missed tryouts? Contact us!

What to expect at try-outs:

Coaches are looking for athletes who are excited and dedicated to the learning process. Some qualities include: how well the athlete responds to feedback, ability to apply corrections given, general "airsense"/spatial awareness, a good amount of flexibility and strength, positive social relationships (team player), desire to correct form and finish skills with finesse, willingness to attempt skills when developmentally ready, understands gymnastics requires many repetitions to master skills & routines with excellent aesthetic quality, etc. 

General Skill Competencies a Participant MUST have prior to try-outs:

  • Handstand
  • Cartwheel
  • Forward & backward roll
  • Bridge/back bend
  • Split (at least one direction or close in a couple)
  • Pull over (bars)
  • Basic trampoline landings (on seat, back, & front)
  • Participants who have "Mastered" all of the Gymnastics Badge 4 skills experience a higher success rate at Try-outs, however, it is not guaranteed. Participants looking to Try-out for Trampoline & Tumbling will be more successful if they have "Mastered" all skills in Level 7 of the CanJUMP program.

Program Streams "in a nutshell":

COMPETITIVE Stream (5yrs+ WAG; 8yrs+ T&T) =

  • 12 month commitment (July - June)
  • Summer training required
  • Competitions required
  • Phoenix team outfit/apparel required
  • Volunteer hours required
  • Fundraising required

Teams/Xcel Stream (5yrs+ WAG, 8yrs+ T&T) =

  • 10 month commitment (September - June)
  • Summer training STRONGLY encouraged
  • Competitions optional
  • Phoenix team outfit/apparel required
  • Fundraising required

Gymnaestrada Performance Team (9yrs+ Co-ed) =

  • 5 month commitment (January - end of May)
  • Team Performances required
  • Phoenix team outfit/apparel required
  • Fundraising required



Competitive Directors

Trampoline & Tumbling/Teams (T&T/TG) - phoenixg@telusplanet.net

Women's Artistic/Xcel (WAG/Xcel) - phxwag@gmail.com

Gymnaestrada - phoenixgymnastics.info@gmail.com